Animating Logos for the Future of Holographic Personal Tech and Entertainment

The other day, Tech for Entertainment I was talking to a local our group and they came up with a new logo. The logo was quite good, quite symmetrical, and I immediately noted how crisp and clean it was and how well it would work for 3-D renderings. It would work well in a flash presentation, as the abstract letters of the group formed a rather nifty design. It was abstract enough to be many different things besides just letters on a page. It was bold yet unobtrusive, unique but familiar, and it was chaotic but symmetrical. In fact it had almost every quality you’d want in a logo. Let’s go ahead and talk about this for second, news123 from a graphic artists’ standpoint, shall we?

The reason I mention all this is because in the future logos for corporations, organizations, perhaps even government agencies will not remain static, himote-kaizen nor will they remain two-dimensional. They will become 3-D objects, they will be animated and they will move, full of life and motion and color. They will have sounds, perhaps smell, and they will tickle the mind’s fancy, tricking your senses into frame bursting something that isn’t there, conjuring up an idea or concept or thought driven from your innate characteristics which make you who you are. You may love them, hate them, but they will be everywhere, luxuri and it will be part of you along with a part of your mind’s eye.

Are you ready for that future? I would submit to you that if you are graphic designer you need to get ready, and you need to stay on the leading edge, or the bleeding edge of these new technologies. The reality is that the future of holographic personal tech and entertainment, video games, outdoor concerts, road signs, and just about everything from education to corporate training will involve holograms, as we blur our virtual world with our real one. And I’m not just talking about exotic and expensive living room videogames, lioridiamonds sure, that’s how it will probably start, but soon it will be everywhere.

Your cereal box may come alive, holographic video messages may pop up wherever you go. Your car may not have a seatbelt buzzer to remind you put on your seatbelt, rather a hologram will show you why – perhaps a quick hologram of a car crash? As a matter of fact just about whatever you can think, or any application you can imagine, will come to pass in our future holographic world, and things will never be the same again. If you plan on running your company, organization, or agency for unlawful long time, you need to consider a logo which is highly ready to animate in 3-D. Please consider all this and think on it.

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